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Friendly suggestions:

  • We specialized in the mining screens and other filter screens, We have the first-class equipment and technology.
  • We made products carefully and guarantee the high quality.
  • Many mining enterprises in the world using our products, We have been established long-term relations with many equipment dealers around the world.
  • We produce regular products,meantime to develop new products to gain more profits for friends.
  • Please provide detailed information as detailed as possible,. Including text and related drawings, photographs on your enquiry.
  • Welcome your enquiry anytime, we’re pleased to provide accurate price and ideal product for you.

Please contact us below, thanks for your time.

Addr:Anping Industry Park Hebei China
Tel: 0086-318-5281301 Fax: 0086-318-5281303

About Us

Our company enjoys a long history with rich experience in managing. We adhere to the principle of honesty and reliability and work hard to contribute to the society.


We adopt advanced equipment which can produce various kinds of machines with human-centered design, simple operation and high efficiency. So they are the first choice to purchase for you.


Please contact with us if you are interested in our products or you have any problem. We always look forward to cooperating with you. Thanks!